Saturday, August 10, 2013

Quick Note Before Leaving Romania

Holy fucking shit has life been amazing lately. The last week... two weeks? have felt like years... sleeping in the mountains, under the stars, 8-12 hours on the bike every day, drinking from springs and wells and eating a shit ton of ice cream from little dimly lit, disrepaired shops in villages in the middle of nowhere. I can't even write about it properly, it's so raw and full and unlike any other means of existence I can think of.

Three countries in two weeks (yes - it has been two), and four more to go in the following two. The mind boggles; I can't put it into linear letters following words following sentences. Total opposites.

My legs are nearly recovered from a mad dash up a mountain taken a few days ago. I tried to jog down, but it proved too steep and too long and my legs gave up. Cycling was possible, but walking was not, and even today I still need to support myself when standing up or navigating steps. Somehow, this added to the whole experience. There was nothing else I could do but ride, so that's what I did.

Definitely not in the mood to write much more at the moment. The sun has done its worst for the day, and I'd like to get to the Hungarian border before too late. I will write more about this leg of my bicycle travels later, when I've had the opportunity to process a little.

Drum bun!