Thursday, May 23, 2013


I have tried and failed to blog on a couple different occasions.  Here's another go!

I have been traveling, ish, for three years. The last year has been spent in Europe. I mostly live on my bicycle. This, therefore, shall mostly be a bicyle touring blog.

The blog's title, Beard in the Mailbox, comes from a Swedish expression that is unrelated to blogging or bicycling. But I thought Damn that would be a great blog title, so here we are.

So where exactly is here? At the moment, Klaipeda, Lithuania. This, after spending six weeks, maybe a bit more, in Gothenburg, Sweden. In the coming weeks I will be making my way to Ukraine, and then other countries in that region of southeast Europe. The first Beard shall be a description of the trip from Gothenburg to Karlshamn, where I boarded (bearded?) the ferry to Lithuania!